Alessandro Ori, PhD

Group Leader

Education: University of Bologna (MSc), University of Liverpool (PhD), EMBL Heidelberg (Postdoc)
Hometown: Polinago (Italy)
Busy: writing grants and papers, fixing R, having meetings
Other activities: dad, ski, eating, planning holidays

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Ivonne Heinze

Lab manager

Education: Chemical technical assistant (Jena)
Experience: Genome analysis IMB (Jena)
Hometown: Meuselbach-Schwarzmühle (Germany)
Busy: preparing sample for mass spec, ordering stuff, keeping the cells in the cell culture happy
Other activities: discovering the best playgrounds in Jena together with my son

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Nadja Gebert, MSc

PhD student

Education: University of Hohenheim (MSc Molecular Nutrition)
Hometown: Dittenheim (Bavaria)
Busy: flushing mouse guts, growing organoids, analyzing data
Other activities: sketching and painting, sewing, skiing


Svenja Caren Schüler, MSc

PhD student

Education: Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule Jena (Biotechnology, B.Eng.), Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena (M.Sc.) 
Hometown: Wittmund (Germany)
Busy:  dealing with muscle cells, preparing samples for mass spec, data analysis with R
Other activities: badminton, volleyball, reading

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Simone Di Sanzo, MSc

PhD student

Education: University of Milan (BSc), University of Milano-Bicocca (MSc)
Hometown: Garbagnate Milanese (Italy)
Busy: dealing with IPs and PTMs, having trouble with R
Other activities: cooking, snowboarding, football

Aleksandar Bartolome, MSc

PhD student

Education: University of Belgrade
Hometown: Belgrade (Serbia)
Busy: venturing into uncharted territories of protein interaction, mastering the art of R, reading, reading, reading…
Other activities: travelling, going to the cinema and watching movies, visiting museums and art exhibitions and occasionally going to the gym

Domenico Di Fraia, MSc

PhD student (shared with Steve Hoffmann)

Other activities: 

Martina Kristofova, MSc

PhD student (shared with Zhao Qi Wang)

Other activities: 

We share lab space, instruments, protocols and fun with the great team of the FLI proteomic core facility:

Joanna Kirkpatrick, PhD

Core facility manager

Education: University of York (BSc Hons), University of Reading (PhD), University of Oxford (Postdoc)
Experience: Core Facility Mass Spec Manager (University of Surrey), Applications Chemist (Waters), Manager Proteomics Core Facility (EMBL Heidelberg)
Hometown: Cambridge (UK)
Busy: Designing, executing and doing method development experiments for proteomics projects. Keeping instruments happy.
Other activities: Cake baking, skiing, hiking, diving, taking care of my cats.


Norman Rahnis

Lab manager (facility)

Education: Chemical technical assistant (Jena)
Experience: Genome analysis IMB (Jena), Schott Nexterion (Jena), Center for Human Genetics (Munich)
Hometown: Weimar (Germany)
Busy: preparing sample for mass spec, keeping instruments happy, ordering stuff
Other activities: hiking, biking, diving

Karl-Heinz Gührs, PhD

Staff scientist (facility)

Education: Friedrich Schiller University Jena (Diplom), Friedrich Schiller University Jena (PhD)
Hometown: Jena (Germany)
Busy: preparing samples, doing and evaluating measurements, development of sample preparation protocols
Other activities: family, outdoor sports, learning about sciences and economics

Erika Kelmer Sacramento, PhD

Postodoc (facility)

Other activities: