Alessandro Ori, PhD

Group Leader

Education: University of Bologna (MSc), University of Liverpool (PhD), EMBL Heidelberg (Postdoc)
Hometown: Polinago (Italy)
Busy: writing grants and papers, fixing R, having meetings
Other activities: dad, ski, eating, planning holidays


Ivonne Heinze

Lab manager

Education: Chemical technical assistant (Jena)
Experience: Genome analysis IMB (Jena)
Hometown: Meuselbach-Schwarzmühle (Germany)
Busy: preparing sample for mass spec, ordering stuff, keeping the cells in the cell culture happy
Other activities: discovering the best playgrounds in Jena together with my son

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Nadja Gebert, MSc

PhD student

Education: University of Hohenheim (MSc Molecular Nutrition)
Hometown: Dittenheim (Bavaria)
Busy: flushing mouse guts, growing organoids, analyzing data
Other activities: sketching and painting, sewing, skiing


Svenja Caren Schüler, MSc

PhD student

Education: Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule Jena (Biotechnology, B.Eng.), Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena (M.Sc.) 
Hometown: Wittmund (Germany)
Busy:  dealing with muscle cells, preparing samples for mass spec, data analysis with R
Other activities: badminton, volleyball, reading

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Simone Di Sanzo, MSc

PhD student

Education: University of Milan (BSc), University of Milano-Bicocca (MSc)
Hometown: Garbagnate Milanese (Italy)
Busy: dealing with IPs and PTMs, having trouble with R
Other activities: cooking, snowboarding, football

Aleksandar Bartolome, MSc

PhD student

Education: University of Belgrade
Hometown: Belgrade (Serbia)
Busy: venturing into uncharted territories of protein interaction, mastering the art of R, reading, reading, reading…
Other activities: travelling, going to the cinema and watching movies, visiting museums and art exhibitions and occasionally going to the gym

We share lab space, instruments, protocols and fun with the great team of the FLI proteomic core facility:

Joanna Kirkpatrick, PhD

Core facility manager

Education: University of York (BSc Hons), University of Reading (PhD), University of Oxford (Postdoc)
Experience: Core Facility Mass Spec Manager (University of Surrey), Applications Chemist (Waters), Manager Proteomics Core Facility (EMBL Heidelberg)
Hometown: Cambridge (UK)
Busy: Designing, executing and doing method development experiments for proteomics projects. Keeping instruments happy.
Other activities: Cake baking, skiing, hiking, diving, taking care of my cats.


Norman Rahnis

Lab manager (facility)

Education: Chemical technical assistant (Jena)
Experience: Genome analysis IMB (Jena), Schott Nexterion (Jena), Center for Human Genetics (Munich)
Hometown: Weimar (Germany)
Busy: preparing sample for mass spec, keeping instruments happy, ordering stuff
Other activities: hiking, biking, diving


Karl-Heinz Gührs, PhD

Staff scientist (facility)

Education: Friedrich Schiller University Jena (Diplom), Friedrich Schiller University Jena (PhD)
Hometown: Jena (Germany)
Busy: preparing samples, doing and evaluating measurements, development of sample preparation protocols
Other activities: family, outdoor sports, learning about sciences and economics

Nadia Döring, PhD

Postodoc (facility)

Other activities: 

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